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Young Professionals in the Real Estate Industry fed over 150 families for Thanksgiving
Posted by Stacy Hite on November 27, 2017 in No Category

A huge shout out to the Young Professionals Network (YPN) for feeding over 150 families a Thanksgiving Dinner!  This group of agents, lenders, title representatives, etc raised around $7500!  What a great way to take care of our neighbors!  

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Vaughn Clark Group Helping Keep Kids Safe
Posted by Stacy Hite on November 20, 2017 in No Category
Olan Clark found himself worrying for the children riding their bikes to school in the dark hours of the morning.  Each day on his commute to the office, he would see dark figures on bikes darting across the roads.  These kids need bicycle lights or reflectors!  Being a problem solver, Olan's team shared their desire to equip the kids of Orchard Mesa Middle School with lights for their bikes.  Jack O'Neal with Guild Mortgage wanted to be a part of this venture.  OMMS Principal and Staff wer... read more
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Keith's Top 3 Restaurants

Posted by Keith Everitt on November 14, 2017 in  Keiths Faves  Things to do in Grand Junction  Top Restaurants
I just want to say that this list was not easy to put together because there are so many wonderful places to eat in downtown Grand Junction. With that said, this list is my current top 3 places I like dine when I am in the heart of Mesa County. 1 - Currently my favorite place to eat is Suehiro Japanese Restaurant and Sushi. I have been on a healthy lifestyle push lately and that has lead me to sushi often which took me to Suehiro. They are located dead center on Main Street and parking is close and affordable.... read more
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