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Home Inspection: Tips for the Seller

Posted by Step Beyond Media on March 30, 2018 in  For Sale  Real Estate  Sellers
You’ve decided to sell your home, that’s the first step! Next, is to get your home staged and ready for open houses and viewings and once you have an interested buyer, a home inspection will follow. As a seller, especially if this is your first time selling a home, this can be a rather scary process. You constantly worry about what the inspector is going to find in your home and if there is something wrong, what will be the impact on the price of the home? First off, take a breath. Sometimes things ar... read more
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Designing homes is a process. From coming up with a layout that will appeal to buyers, to choosing stone, tiles, roofing designs, columns, and so much more, the attention to detail in the architecture of a home is imperative. Even the smallest detail can turn buyers off from the home altogether. In Grand Junction, there are a variety of designs throughout the town, from rustic to modern. Below are five homes that have beautifully creative designs in their architecture and the surrounding land. 323 Red Ridge Court,... read more
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Snowmobiling in Grand Junction

Posted by Step Beyond Media on March 28, 2018 in  Grand Junction  Outside  Things to do in Grand Junction
The best part of Colorado is the unlimited outdoor activities this beautiful state has to offer. Grand Junction alone has some of the best Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall activities for those who love the outdoors. The best part about winters in Grand Junction is the snowmobiling. Even individuals from other snow-filled states make the trek to Grand Junction for the powder fresh snow and hundreds of miles of trails. The Grand Mesa area has miles of trails that run through expansive meadows and allows you to enjo... read more
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Get a Taste of the Local Flavor of Grand Junction

Posted by Step Beyond Media on March 28, 2018 in No Category
On top of its fantastic outdoor recreation options and the beautiful views Grand Junction has to offer, the dining this town has to offer is the perfect topping to it all. From Contemporary to Italian, these local establishments have menus that everyone will love! 1.       Café Sol – This contemporary, healthy café style food is priced right and also a favorite lunch spot to many locals and visitors. 2.       626 on Rood – This ... read more
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Biggest Misconceptions of First Time Home Buying

Posted by Step Beyond Media on March 26, 2018 in  Buyers  First Time Homebuyers
Starting the process of buying your first home can be very overwhelming. Avoiding mistakes and problems that make the purchasing process harder on you is possible. The first step is knowing what these common errors are so you can detour around them. 1.       Check and monitor your credit. Fixing any problems before starting your search is the first place to start. Typically, when applying for a mortgage, a 620-credit score or higher will qualify you. 2.     ... read more
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