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2018 winners of Best of the West

Posted by Shelby Chiodo on April 27, 2018 in No Category
This isn't just any award, this is The Daily Sentinel's HIGHLY COMPETITIVE annual contest! Locals vote on their favorite local businesses and we are happy to announce that we have some winners in our midst! There are some categories that are more fun like the "best place to propose" and some that are serious and can really help you when choosing which place/ company you would like to go with. And without further ado, the 2018 Best of the West winners: Number 2 in Real Estate teams; Christi Reece group Nu... read more
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Open Houses Are Picking Up!

Posted by Step Beyond Media on April 12, 2018 in No Category
The weather is looking AMAZING this Sunday, so what better way to spend it then touring homes?  The real estate market has been heating up around here and it's a great time to buy a home! Open houses give buyers an opportunity to casually check out homes they may be interested in.  No showings to schedule, you can simply pop in anytime during the time frame. If you are planning on going to some open houses this weekend, here are a few tips to keep in mind~-  Check everything in and out of the house. ... read more
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New Commercial Businesses Around Grand Junction

Posted by Step Beyond Media on April 05, 2018 in No Category
Riverfront at Las Colonias Business ParkYou may have noticed new buildings pop up around Grand Junction. The groundbreaking ceremony of Las Colonias business park was last Friday (March 20,2018) as the project became officials. This new development is committed to the outdoor industry in Grand Junction. This project has been well received by many community members as the outdoor recreation business park was gifted $800,000 by Irv Halter, executive director of the Colorado Department of Local Affairs. Las Colonias w... read more
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Best Single Story Homes in Grand Junction

Posted by Step Beyond Media on March 12, 2018 in No Category
Grand Junction has a lot to offer in the styles of their homes. From rustic country homes to woodsy cabin like homes, there is a lot to choose from. The best part about house hunting and working with an agent is you can get as specific as you want. One story, two stories, large lot, it doesn’t matter because Grand Junction has it. If you are looking to move to Grand Junction, or just looking to change to a different layout, below are some of the best single-story homes this awesome town has to offer, all unde... read more
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Understanding and Targeting Foreclosures

Posted by Rebekah Holten on March 06, 2018 in No Category
Foreclosed homes are a bit taboo. People see the word foreclosure and tend to shy away. This reaction is totally normal and expected when individuals don’t know much about foreclosures and how they work. Educating yourself is important, especially if you stumble upon a foreclosed home and you instantly feel like it’s the one. Foreclosed home is different than any other resale. In a foreclosure, only one real estate agent is involved, there is not much room for negotiation, the home comes as is so it&rs... read more
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